A full 12 months

Baby photography in Chichester by Ally Berry

To say that I have a favourite type of photoshoot is a bit like saying I have a favourite child ... but recently I have completely fallen in love with a particular type of photo session, and it's called " A full 12 months"

Essentially, I photograph your baby, every month for the first year and the final result looks something like this ...

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We ended up calling this one Rupert's Green Chair and it was so much fun!

Rupert is my friend's baby and, although I did see him regularly anyway, the monthly photo sessions using the same chair and the same background really did highlight just how much babies change in the first 12 months.

From the tiny little helpless baby in the first photo ...

Rupert 1 month-4

... to the funny, confident, full of personality toddler in the last session!

Rupert 1 year-7

The photo sessions are quick, easy, relaxed and fun. And because there are 12 of them, there is less pressure on you and your baby to perform and give that perfect smile every time. I'll catch at least one smile at every session, but the occasional grumpy photo can look pretty cute too!

Rupert 9 months-2

Another thing I loved about Rupert's photo sessions was that family and friends had grown accustomed to seeing the monthly photo updates and would always look forward to seeing what the next photo session would look like.

The first 12 months in a baby's life are so busy with first smiles, first giggles, first steps ... and a lot of sleepless nights! These monthly photo sessions really allow you to enjoy all the different milestones your baby is going through and create some beautiful memories to cherish for many years to come.

If you would like to have an informal chat or book "A full 12 months" photo session, click here or simply give me a call.

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Ally Berry is a portrait photographer based in Chichester, West Sussex. She specialises in baby, maternity, family and headshot photography.