A gift from me …

I absolutely adore photographing newborn babies! They are so adorably squishy and cute! I love everything about them: their smell, their cute little button noses, their pouty lips, their tiny little fingers and little toes … Oh the list is endless! (If you’d like to see my newborn photo gallery, click here! Be prepared for a whole lot of cuteness!)

To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and undoubtedly inhabited.

I do however also love photographing mums-to-be. I always feel privileged when a mum asks me to photograph her during her pregnancy. A maternity session is personal and intimate. It is a celebration of life and love, and the anticipation of meeting a tiny being you haven’t met, yet know and love already.
A maternity photo session is an investment; and I don’t mean that in the financial sense of the word (though yes, there may be a price attached to the photographs themselves). It is an investment into your future and the future of your baby. Your baby will be soon be born … Your bump will disappear and your body will return to kind of normal (though I’m not entirely sure what that is!). Photographs of your beautiful pregnant bump will always remind you of that wonderful precious time in your life. And no matter how self conscious you might feel at the time, I can categorically say those photos will always hold a special place in your heart and your baby’s heart?
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I understand that pregnancy is a time of many changes, some welcome, some maybe not so much. Everyone is different. What one woman may enjoy about her pregnancy, another may not. And that’s ok … To me, every maternity session is completely bespoke. I like to take the time to find out more about you: what you love and what you don’t; what makes you comfortable and what doesn’t. We can talk about the clothes you would like to wear and where to buy them from, what would fit you best and what would look best for the camera. We can pick a location that works for you, one where you can relax and be yourself, whether this be your living room or a local beach, or maybe a beautiful field. We can discuss the best time to have your maternity photo session (usually between 34-38 weeks) to make sure you are looking your best. We will get your partner and any older siblings involved too … Because in my eyes, a maternity session is all about you, love and family.
So, if you’d like to have an relaxed and informal chat about a maternity photo session, feel free to contact me by sending me an email or give me a call.

Ally Berry

is a newborn, maternity and portrait photographer based in Chichester, West Sussex. She regularly travels and photographs clients as far as Portsmouth, Southampton, Petersfield, Guildford, Worthing and Brighton.