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Does my chin look big in this?

by Ally

How to avoid having a double chin in your photos

You’d be surprised how many people enter my studio and within the first few minutes, say to me: “Can you get rid of my double chin?”

Even more surprising is that actually, none of these people even have a double chin.

So why the fear?

I guess we’ve all been, at some point, caught off guard, in an unflattering pose and ended up with a photo of ourselves where we might appear to have a double chin. It has certainly happened to me … Which is even more frustrating since I spend a large proportion of my days telling people how to pose, and how to position their chin.

In my history of photographing people I have heard a multitude of ways to reduce the so-called double chin. One involved a complicated pony tail (which I imagine would be quite difficult if you have short hair!). Another suggested to have someone literally hold the skin of your neck back and then photoshop their hand out of the picture (sounds so painful and a total photoshop nightmare). Or, the one I have heard the most is to put your tongue to the roof of your mouth. The latter is probably the easiest, but not my favourite, as I think it distorts your mouth and makes you look like you’re talking.

So here is my method, which I have shamelessly copied from the amazing American headshot photographer, Peter Hurley!

I call it the Chicken Neck!

The chin and jaw are a very flexible part of our face and it is extremely easy to either give yourself a double chin or to show a beautifully defined jaw line. In the first photo, I have a glorious double chin, all because I have pulled my chin back, reducing the space between my chin and my neck. Not flattering at all!

In this photo however, I have extended my chin forward, and then brought it down a bit, therefore stretching the skin under my jaw and chin. I now have a beautifully defined jaw line.

Here are the photos from the side, just to give you an idea.

Double chin
No double chin

My photos above are slightly exaggerated, of course, to showcase my point of view. It is in fact a very subtle posture move, with incredible effects. And if you don’t believe me, check out all the famous actors and celebrities when they walk on the red carpet … and suddenly you will notice them doing it too!

Because, just like you, they are also afraid of the double chin!!!

So if your LinkedIn profile picture is not up to date, or if you think you have a double chin, then send me a message or give me a call and we can have a chat about portraits, headshots, or personal branding photos, all without any extra chins!

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