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Why do I even need a personal branding photoshoot?

by Ally

Do you often find yourself scrolling through the internet desperately trying to find some images that remotely resonate with your brand, so you can post them on your social media?

Do you look at other people’s social media feeds and wonder how do they have so many followers and how do they always look so good in their photographs?

Do you want to grow your brand and your business and attract more customers, but you don’t know where to start?

If you answered yes to any of the above then the likelihood is you need a personal branding photo session. 

A personal branding photoshoot will provide you with a collection of eye-popping and thumb-stopping images that beautifully represent your brand, that match your brand colours, that tell your story, and that make you look like the best version of yourself. 

Did you know that posting an image of yourself on social media platforms like Instagram can increase your likes by 40%?

Just imagine, having all the images you need at your fingertips, ready to post on your favourite social media platform at any time. How wonderful would that be?

Let’s break it down a bit.

You will save time

A personal branding photoshoot will save you a huge amount of time in the long run. No more spending hours on the internet looking for images. Now, all your on-brand images, perfectly sized for your favourite social media channels will be in one place and all you have to do is post them whenever you want. The only question is what will you do with all the extra time you’ll have on your hands? 

You will look fabulous

You and I both know that you need to show your face on social media, but most of us only have very few photos of ourselves we actually like. So, what happens when you’ve already used those? With a personal branding photoshoot, there’s no chance of running out of photos of you that you absolutely love. A personal branding photoshoot will boost your confidence, make you feel amazing and look like the best version of you. So much so that you’ll want to share those photos at every opportunity. 

You will stand out from the competition

Good professional images will make you stand out from the competition and give you that competitive edge you’ve been looking for. Just think about a particular time you’ve been looking to buy a product or a service and you had a choice between a company would great professional images, and one with mediocre images. Which one would you choose? Don’t be the one with the mediocre images …  

There are 80 million photographs posted to Instagram every day. Do your photos stand out from the crowd?

You will see your leads grow

And finally, reap the rewards! See your leads and your sales rates increase. Attract more of your ideal customers and see your business reach new levels of success. Yes, a personal branding photoshoot is an investment, but one that will pay for itself and more much quicker than you think. 

So, what are you waiting for … if you want to have a chat about a personal branding photoshoot then, give me a call or send me a message. I’d love to talk to you! 

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