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If you’ve looked at Watch Them Grow experience before, but decided against it because you have an older child you didn’t do it with, this blog is for you.

This is Evie.

She is three and comes along with her younger brother, Arlo to all of his photo sessions. She is chatty, cheeky and adorable. She is always first to sit in the chair, and helps me out with my test shot to make sure my lighting and my settings are correct.

When we first started the Watch Them Grow experience with Arlo, we decided that Evie would also wear the same outfit in all of the photographs. This means that when we put all the photos together at the end, they will all look the same.

Babies grow and change so much in the first year, and this is really obvious with Arlo from month to month, but I’m also really curious to see the change in Evie from the very first session when she was just getting used to being a big sister, to the last session, a year later.

Photographing a baby and a three year old together is not always easy … but it is always great fun. And we all know I love a challenge!

I start by photographing Evie on her own, and then once Arlo is ready and changed, we bring him in too. Sometimes they share the chair.

Other times, Evie stands behind it!

And sometimes, I can even capture them both looking at me at the same time!

When Evie gets bored, and starts having a conversation with my Alexa, we know it’s Arlo’s time to shine … Look at those cheeks! And the posing … a model in the making!

And then, of course, it’s time for a bit of dancing around the studio … to finish off the photo session in style!

What I really love about these sessions, is that bringing an older sibling along means not one session is the same as the other. There is always something new, something exciting, something fun to brighten up the day.

And I can’t wait to see, and share with you, what the final image will look like for these two.

Are you expecting a baby? Would you like to find out more about the Watch Them Grow experience? Head over to my contact page or simply give me a call for a chat.

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