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I have a real admiration for young people who know what they want to do later in life, and who go out there and try and make it happen. They are determined to achieve their dreams.

There is something really special about photographing young aspiring actors and models, and I always feel privileged knowing that I am somehow able to be part of their journey by taking some of their first headshots.

Fin came into my studio a few months ago, because he wanted to join an acting agency and needed some headshots. His photo session was a blast! Here are just a few of the images we captured!

Fin was confident in front of the camera and took direction really well. A quick learner, he was able to pick up new poses easily. He also had a great command of his facial expressions, which is very impressive, especially for someone so young, but obviously a very important skill for an actor.

His serious and gloomy poses are some of my favourites!

This is what Fin said about his photo session:

Hi, I’m Fin, I’m 14 and I am an aspiring actor. I went to Ally to get some head shots for my profile at the acting and modelling agency I’m registered with. I really didn’t know what to expect.

However the shoot was in a really comfortable and relaxed environment and Ally gave me lots of direction about where to put my arms, where to look and how to ‘sqwinch’! I really enjoyed it, it was a great experience.

I am looking forward to seeing what Fin gets up to next on his next acting adventures and achievements.

Meanwhile, if you have a teenager at home who is keen to try their hand at acting or modelling, and they need some headshots, and portfolio photos, give me a call.

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