Happy Father’s Day


We are fast approaching the time of the year that sounds a bit like “What am I going to get Dad for Father’s Day?”

I’ve always instinctively known what to buy for mum, for Mother’s Day … Flowers, chocolates, afternoon tea, a day at the spa, theatre tickets. You name it, I’ve done it! 

Fathers however are notoriously hard to buy for. Or at least mine are (I have a father and a step-father). They have everything they need, and everything they want. A shed full of tools (my mum might actually kill me if I added to the collection), a garage full of sports equipment (some used with love, some less so!). 

That leaves clothes (never particularly exciting for dad) or alcohol. Yes, Father’s Day usually ends up with me buying a last minute alcohol related gift. Of course, dads love a good bottle of whisky, or some fancy beers from around the world. But I often think that dads’ presents are not quite so memorable as the ones we give our mums. 

So this year, I have decided to offer something different, something unique and certainly something memorable … the Frame within a Frame. This is an amazing gift that will please every father, grandfather and great grandfather out there, and it will hang on their wall as a proud reminder of everything it means to be a father. 


"I contacted Ally Berry Photography to help me produce a personalised gift for my father. We discussed what I wanted to achieve and Ally came up with the frame within a frame concept to document the male line in the family. My dad absolutely loved it and he even ended up asking for some extra copies to give to my grandfather and brother. Ally is so personable and brilliant to work with and has managed to take the best photo my grandfather that any of us have ever seen because the man is not easy to capture smiling. I would recommend Ally Berry to anyone looking for a photographer to capture their family at their very best!"

Clare A

So, if this year you would like to get your Dad a present that will last longer than a bottle of whisky, and one that he will treasure for many years to come, send me a message and find out more about the Frame within a Frame ... Hurry up, Father's Day is only round the corner. 

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Ally Berry

is a portrait photographer based in Chichester, West Sussex. She regularly travels and photographs clients as far as Portsmouth, Southampton, Petersfield, Guildford, Worthing and Brighton.