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Maternity session in a castle

by Ally

Amberley Castle is the perfect backdrop for a fun photography session, especially on a sunny winter day

It had been raining for days beforehand and it was scheduled to rain for the next few days too … but on this particular Friday in early December, the weather was simply perfect for this beautiful photo session.

Sydnee and Brian had planned a last minute weekend away before the imminent arrival of their twins in a few weeks’ time, and they wanted to use the beautiful grounds at Amberley Castle as a backdrop for their photos. It was by far one of the most fun maternity session I’ve ever done.

We explored the castle, with all its hidden corners, secret doorways and beautiful grounds.

The golden hour is every photographer’s dream. The golden hour usually happens an hour before sunset when the light becomes soft and warm, and it makes for amazing photographs. And wow, did the golden hour make an appearance on this day

My favourite photo has to be the one with the pond in the foreground and the castle in the background. The way the light falls on Sydnee and Brian, the way you can see the reflection in the lake, and of course, the grand Amberley Castle in the background with the beautiful blue sky.

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