My pictures are my eyes

This is my first blog in what seems like ages, and I do feel bad because I know I should be blogging far more often. And somewhere in my New Year's resolutions is written "blog more!" ... So here I am! Blogging! This blog is going to be slightly different; because this blog is about me! January is always a quiet month in the world of Ally Berry Photography. After the madness of November and December, trying to get photoshoots booked and photos delivered in time for Christmas, January can feel like a welcome break, but also an unsettling one! I like being busy, and when I'm not, I feel like I'm forgetting something.  
So this year I was prepared. And what I did was plan to focus on me ... I am very aware that to be successful one must also strive to learn new things, to improve, to constantly develop. On a recent trip to London I knew I'd have some spare time, and I decided to go and visit the National Portrait Gallery.
It was so lovely to walk amongst all the paintings and sculptures, to admire the art, to read about the both the artist and the subject and to generally let myself be inspired. Because a portrait is a portrait, whether a painting, a sculpture or a photograph - the aim is always the same: to create a timeless portrait, one that transcends time, fashion and generations. They were all beautiful and I walked around in awe as history and art blended beautifully together. Clothes changed, the style changed, society changed, and yet everything remained timeless.
You can also imagine my surprise when amongst all the paintings I came across one photograph (in the main exhibition - they had a special separate room about photography!) ... but yes, just one photograph - one of Princess Diana taken by Mario Testino.  
Wow! And what a photograph it is ... Mario Testino, a Peruvian born fashion photographer, is famous for being able to capture the moment and to bring out the humanity in its subjects. Testino once said: "My pictures are my eyes. I photograph what I see - and what I want to see." So true about what a photographer is all about!
inspiration from Mario Testino
So now I am back in beautiful and quiet Chichester, I am newly inspired and ready to give you some beautiful timeless captured moments that will transcend generations!   If you would like to have an informal chat about having some photographs taken, or to simply book a photo session, please contact me here.