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Jack’s headshots

by Ally

When you hear the word headshot, do you automatically think of a LinkedIn picture of a business man or woman? Or do you think of an actor headshot?

When I first started photographing headshots, I thought my target market would be the business men, the entrepreneurs … and of course, a lot of them are. But I also photograph a rather large number of actor headshots, and they are so much fun!

Jack came into my studio a little while ago with his younger sister Evie for some photos for their acting portfolios. what I particularly like about working with talented young actors is their enthusiasm and excitement. They have endless amounts of energy and are adventurous enough to try different set ups, even if they might not work.

From the first photo I took, Jack was a natural in front of the camera. He knew when to smile and when to look moody. Posing came naturally to him!

Jack was not only great in front of the camera but behind it too, when he doubled up as my assistant. His sister Evie has beautiful long hair, and we wanted to give it an extra dimension by making it look like it was blowing in the wind … hair dryers are great for this. So Jack helped out with this too! I think he quite enjoyed it.

I asked Jack to tell us a bit about what made him decide to go into acting and what he liked about his headshot session:

The reason I came into acting was that from a young age I was always brought up in the way of watching shows in London or at the Mayflower and I always thought to myself how amazing it would be to stand up on that stage and do what they do, experience what they experience … that thrill of the warm loving audience getting ready to watch what you have practised for so long, perfecting to get this far. When I was 8 and driving to my cousins who lives in Eastbourne, I said to my mum: “Mum, I really want to do what the people do on stage.” and my mum said “You want to do acting.” I said “Yes, acting. What do I have to do to start?” And she replied “I’ll sign you up to a drama club.” I was over the moon, I remember all this in the finest detail, every single thing of that conversation. I joined a nearby acting, singing and dancing club called StageCoach where I practised all the skills of becoming the best actor. This is where my passion for acting really kicked off. I joined the Chichester Festival Theatre and got my first agency at the age of 10. When I was in Year 6 I did my first show (101 Dalmatians) and made so many friends and I have been fortunate enough to do the Christmas shows ever since then.

When I entered the room to do the photoshoot I felt overwhelmed with excitement. I couldn’t wait to get in front of the camera and have a great time. That hour was so fun, we had great laughs, and Ally took some incredible photos. I can’t wait to do it again the future.

At the moment I have nothing planned for acting as I’m waiting for some auditions, but I would love to try some modelling and to be able to work in front of the camera on a short film to see what it is like. I’ve always liked to try so many new things and this has been of great help to me, as well as allowing me to add more things to my CV, which is great!

Since this photoshoot, I have had the pleasure of watching Jack on stage at the Chichester Festival Theatre a few months later as part of the cast for Sleeping Beauty, the Christmas production by the Chichester Festival Youth Theatre. If you saw the show, you will no doubt agree, it was different and great at the same time. The Chichester Observer reviewed it as “Bursting with talent, huge on imagination and visually stunning.” And Jack was amazing in it …

The acting world is a tough world, but Jack is already making his mark on it, and that is really great to see. I am looking forward to seeing where his next acting adventures will take him …

If you also have a child at home who would like to try a career in acting or modelling, and they need those ever essential headshots to get started, send me a message or give me a call. You know where to find me!

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