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Watch them Grow

by Ally

It’s Tuesday, so here’s my first blog about my work as a professional photographer.

And this is JB’s first year montage.

As some of you probably know, I’ve been doing these monthly baby photos for a little while now, but I couldn’t think of an appropriate name for them … until yesterday! When the best idea ever popped into my head, and from now on, I’m going to call it the “Watch them Grow” experience.

Because that is essentially what we are doing … photographing your baby every month for the first year to watch them grow … and gosh, do they grow and change in those first few months.

Back to JB’s story though, I first met his parents, Mandy and Steve on my first day at uni, where we were flat mates. I still remember our flat, right in the centre of Bristol … those were the days! I lost contact for a few years with Mandy and Steve, but when they were expecting JB they got in touch, and it was such a pleasure to capture some maternity photos for them!

Once JB arrived, we started planning the “Watch them Grow” experience, and it wasn’t long before they came in for their first session. This photo is from that first session … how tiny does JB look?

By month 5, we were getting lots of smiles and Mandy and Steve jumped in for some family shots too! These are some of my favourite photos!

The smiles continued, JB became funnier and cheekier every month, but by month 11 the photo sessions became a climbing exercise, and constantly being on a verge of a heart attack for Mandy, Steve and I. JB had found his feet, and found that he could stand … on a chair … and jump on it … and try to climb on the back of it! So much so, that we even turned the chair around.

When photographing babies, safety is my top priority, and I always make sure that at least one of the parents is within the baby’s reach, should they decide to launch themselves … babies do that!

And then it was time for month 12, the last one! JB had grown from a tiny baby into a funny, cheeky little person.

So thank you Mandy and Steve for letting me be part of JB’s journey, it’s been such a pleasure, and so much fun! I hope to do it all over again for his second birthday too …

And if you too are having a baby anytime soon, or know someone who is, give me a call or send me an email and we can have a chat about your “Watch them Grow” experience.

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