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A beautiful maternity session

by Ally

Ever since I photographed Livia and Adrian for their beautiful maternity session, I knew I wanted to write a blog about it … and finally here it is!

Livia and I are school friends, from many … many moons ago. We have one of those amazing friendships where we can go for months without talking to each other or seeing each other, but when we do it’s like we have never been apart and we can pick up exactly where we left of.

Moving to different countries hasn’t even changed that!

And this time last year, Livia and Adrian were living in Bratislava and expecting a baby … so naturally, I flew out there to capture this ever so special time for them.

Travelling by plane to a photoshoot meant that I had to pack light, so I decided to leave all my lighting equipment at home. For someone who mainly uses studio light, it was felt a little unnerving, but I was equally excited to go back to basics and only use natural light for this photoshoot.

I am so glad I did. I absolutely love the light and airy feel of these photographs, and the net curtains provided the most amazing background.

Livia of course looked absolutely stunning. In these photographs, she looks confident, comfortable, playful and most of all beautiful!

Whenever I do a maternity photo session, the father-to-be is always invited to come along, and join in if he wishes. Some do, some don’t … and that’s ok! But regardless of whether they appear in the photographs, I always notice the love in their eyes, and it’s magical!

Adrian is definitely not camera shy, so he was very pleased to be in some of the photographs. This one is perhaps my favourite.

Or do you prefer the black and white version? I can’t decide!

Pregnancy doesn’t always feel like the most beautiful time … your body can go through some many changes that it sometimes may feel unrecognisable. Your hormones are up and down quicker than yo-yo. And yet, it is such a special time, for both you and your partner. A time to be celebrated and cherished.

Maternity photography is a craft to capture the beauty of pregnancy in images you will want to look back on in many years to come.

If you are approaching your third trimester, and would like to book a maternity photo session, get in touch.

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