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More about me

by Ally

Hello … it’s lovely that you’re here!

The previous page was all about professional me … but this one is about more relaxed me! It’s about what I get up to when I’m not holding a camera in my hand.

Firstly, meet my family: my partner Mark, my son Max, and the dog, Ralph!

This was our yearly Corona virus lockdown inspired family portrait. Lazy mornings in bed, without really knowing what day of the week it was anymore.

And here are a few more fun facts about me:

I’ve run both the Paris and the Rome marathon – but not the London one … yet!

I speak several foreign languages: Romanian (because I’m Romanian), French, Spanish and Italian.

I love baking! I’m a baker at heart … my favourite thing to bake are chocolate brownies. I did however have a bit of a run in with gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Max, so I try to be careful and mainly bake low-carb goodies nowadays.

And when I’m not working, or baking … you’ll probably find me in a quiet corner of the house, reading! I love a good book.

Now, tell me a little bit more about you …

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