Hi there, I'm Ally

It’s lovely to meet you … 

Since you are here, I guess you want to find out a little bit more about me. 

I’m an award winning portrait and personal branding photographer. I live in Chichester, in West Sussex with my partner, two children and our black labrador, Ralph. 

Just like many of you, I started my own business soon after I became a mum, because I knew I wanted a better work-life balance than an office job would be able to provide. I knew I didn’t want to have to choose between being a mum and having a career. I wanted both. 

I always had a passion for portrait photography. So, I trained with some of UK’s leading portrait photographers, before starting my business in 2014. I learned all I could about lighting, and posing, and angles, and shutter speeds, and ISO … and everything in between. 

A few years into running my portrait photography business, I realised that actually I wanted to do more than capture beautiful photographs of people. I wanted my work to make a difference. I wanted to help! 

So, I decided to combine my previous experience of working in marketing, with my knowledge of psychology and I became a personal branding photographer. I wanted to help people who were in the same situation as me become successful in their business. 

If you book a personal branding shoot with me, I will not only provide you with great photographs for your website and your social media. I will also empower you to show up in your business with a new found confidence. I will help you believe in yourself. I will help you attract your dream clients and grow your business.

Do you wanna know more about how we can work together?