A return ticket to a moment otherwise gone


This is my son, Max playing on the beach on a beautiful warm autumn evening. One sunny afternoon after school I decided to grab the camera, and we headed off to the stunning sandy beach at West Witterings. It’s one of my favourite beaches and one I often use for photo sessions. It’s so vast, and I seem to always find a new corner to explore … 

The sand was cold and our feet were a bit chilly, but the sun was lovely and warm. We played airplanes, catch and hide and seek. We found some sea weed. We laughed and giggled. And then we got some delicious fish and chips on the way home! 

I desperately tried to capture the fun and the childhood innocence. Max has just turned 5. He started school this September. As much as he is still a child, he is also a little adult in the making. The memories of him being a tiny baby in my arms sometimes feel like they are a million years away … 

Time flies. We are busy. Busy with work and other commitments. It almost seems as though life is getting in the way of … life! We are often too busy to stop and enjoy those special moments in life. I am a prime culprit of this! 

This is one reason why I love taking photographs so much. Katie Thrums said: “We take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone!” and she couldn’t be more right. A photograph cannot turn back time, but it can evoke the same emotions felt at the time, it can keep memories alive, long after the moment itself has gone. 

So, if like me, you want to keep as many memories of your little ones, being little, book your photo session now and let’s head to your local beach, or the local woods or simply your back garden. Let’s have some fun, and capture some of those beautiful memories! 

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"We take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone."

Katie Thurms