Sing and Sign with Zahida

Sing and Sign-14w
Being able to communicate with your baby before they are actually able to speak is not only useful but absolutely wonderful … Back in the day, when my son Max was really little we used to go to Sing and Sign baby groups, and we both loved it. We also had the DVD and we used to sign at home. I still remember Max’s first sign as if it was yesterday (a bit like remembering your child’s first word, or first step!) Can you guess what it was? No, not mummy or daddy … it was “more” … “more” ... "more"
Sing and Sign-15w
So when Zahida started her new Sing and Sign baby groups in the Chichester area, I was really excited to work together. Over the past year I’ve been joining the occasional Sing and Sign baby group as a photographer to capture not only some commercial photographs, but also photographs of the babies to offer to the parents as a reminder of this special time in their family life.
Sing and Sign-12w
I cannot describe how great it feels to be able to go back to a Sing and Sign group, to experience the warmth and the friendly atmosphere, to hear all the lovely songs again, to see Jessie cat (the famous Sing & Sign mascot) and to meet new mums and dads with their beautiful babies. Zahida’s classes are full of fun, laughter, and music, and what’s more, they teach babies how to communicate before they can speak.
If you are pregnant or have just had a baby, or know someone who has, take a look at Zahida’s Sing and Sign page or drop her message and go along to one of her groups. You are guaranteed to love it. And if you are a Sing and Sign parent and would like to see the photos of your adorable little singing and signing babies, please click here.
Ally Berry is a portrait photographer specialising in maternity, newborn and family photography in and around Chichester, West Sussex.