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And my opinion on the new Body Worlds exhibition in London

My theme this week’s photo challenge was Skyline, and I must admit I was feeling pretty uninspired bu it … so uninspired that I kept putting it off for ages!

As you know, I find it hard to get excited about photographs without people in them. I did eventually pull myself together and managed to get a photo of a Skyline, and what better place to do it than on a trip to London?

This week is half-term so Max and I headed off to London to see the Body Worlds exhibition at Picadilly Circus. It’s a fantastic exhibition! As you walk through, it’s easy to forget that the exhibits you are looking at were once real people, with real lives who simply chose to donate their bodies to science. They have been turned into real works of art!

After having looked in depth at all the parts of the human anatomy, tried CPR on a dummy and taken our blood pressure (Max was worried he was going to loose an arm!), it was time to head out to capture the London skyline.

As a portrait photographer I am very ill equipped for any type of landscape photography. Those keen landscape photographers out there will be appalled to hear that I don’t actually own any ND filters and that on this occasion I didn’t even take my tripod with me … it’s too heavy, too bulky and we had a lot of walking to do around London. So when it came to actually taking the photos, I had to improvise!

We were heading along the South Bank towards the City of London, when the sun appeared from behind the clouds and bathed the buildings in the most beautiful golden hour light!

Without a tripod and an ND filter, I dialled my aperture to f/22 and my ISO to 100 and started taking photographs with different shutter speeds. Even with these settings, I still wasn’t able to use a shutter speed long enough to blur the water, but that was ok. The light was so amazing, that I think my not-so-blurry water can be forgiven … Can’t it?

I cropped it out almost completely in this photo and made the sky a feature. I love the different typed of clouds in this photo.

We carried on walking and waited around until it got darker, so I could get some what I would call “classic” London skyline shots. My exposure is getting longer and the water is getting blurrier, but this kind of photo just doesn’t inspire me!

We soon got cold, and we got bored and we decided that we had taken enough photos of the London skyline so we went to YO-Sushi and get some dinner before our train back home.

Once home, I decided to play around with some of the photographs, and following last week’s blog about black and white photography, I wanted to see what the image would like in monochrome. I must say, I quite like it! What do you think?

I guess the aim of this challenge (which I set myself, so I only have myself to blame!) was to go out there and try different photographic techniques that I wouldn’t normally use. This week’s challenge definitely did this. It got me thinking about apertures (I don’t think I had ever used f/22 until now), about location, perspective, and way of trying to make your camera steady without a tripod!

As much as I felt uninspired by it, I have learned a lot from it, and I even kind of like the photos … Now I am off to buy some ND filters. Don’t worry, I haven’t suddenly converted to landscape photography, but apparently I need one for Week 33!

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