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I had a very different blog in mind …

by Ally

Today’s challenge theme was Rain and the blog I typed up yesterday was very different to what I am publishing right now. Because last night, it snowed!!!

It did! It really did!

I am far more excited about this than most other people, I realise that. Even Max rolled his eyes at me when I shouted with glee “It’s snowing!” at the sight of the first snow flake on the way back from school.

“Oh, mother!” he mumbled disapprovingly.

I remember being a child and waking up and seeing snow settled in the corners of my bedroom window, and jumping out of bed to see everything looking beautiful and white outside. I get the same feeling every time it snows!

You can imagine therefore my excitement when I noticed, after dinner, that the snow was actually settling …

Before I started my photo challenge, I probably would have run outside, tried to make a couple of snow balls and then come back in. But since I am on a mission to try different photographic techniques and genres, I decided to take my camera out to try and capture some snow photographs. After all, I had never photographed snow before!

I mean I had never photographed snow with my big proper camera.

I have to admit, I didn’t know which settings to use, so I had to google it. According to the article I found, the best shutter speed to use is a 500th of a second, which I’m sure is great in daytime, but less so in the dark. The photos I took are at 1/250 and I think they are perfectly adequate. My ISO was set to 1250 to let as much light in as possible without making the photos too grainy, and my aperture was f2.8 … because again, light!

What I love about these photographs is the colours … They are dark, yet brightly coloured, mysterious and beautiful at the same time … Because snow makes everything beautiful!

My Rain blog would have been rather rubbish in comparison, because I hadn’t managed to take any photos of rain. But I do have lots of ideas in mind, so I promise there will be a rain blog somewhere down the line, when the rain is more predictable and the models crazy enough to stand outside in the rain while I photograph them, aren’t likely to end up with pneumonia.

Happy Winter!!!

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