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Sue’s headshots

by Ally

Have you ever wondered what happens during a headshot photoshoot?

Today’s blog is about a real headshot photo session with a real person. If you’ve been wondering what happens during a photoshoot, and what to expect, this is the blog for you!

Sue is a marketing professional – she is the director of SBL Media, a fantastic marked company based in Worthing.

Here’s some info about Sue and her company, in her own words:

We work with business owners across the UK to help them find reliable sources of new customers. In practice, that means we’re helping them to make sense of their marketing data and know what works and what needs improvement. We then deploy marketing tactics, such as web design or edits, pay per click advertising, lead generation, brochure design, book publishing and more to test how to make their marketing more effective. “

Sue knew that her profile picture needed some updating, and she was referred to me by another previous client. She got in touch and we booked a date and time for her headshot session. We also had a chat about what kind of job she does, the image she is trying to get across through her photographs, what clothes she should bring with her, etc.

As a director of a marketing company, Sue’s photos needed to look professional, but also fun, to illustrate both her creative and her friendly, fun side.

Most of my headshot clients take a little while to relax, get used to the studio environment and enjoy the photoshoot. This was definitely not the case with Sue whose photos were fantastic right from the start!

This is one of the first photos we took …

My aim is to get the more professional photographs done first – the kind of portrait on a light background you would find on a corporate website. They may not be your favourite, but inevitably they are the kind of photo you will be asked for at some time and you’ll be glad you have them.

Once the professional outfits and photos are done, it is time to have some fun, and take some less formal but still professional looking photographs – ones that reflect your business and your personality.

Sue had brought with her some smart casual outfits with her too, and we decided to take some natural light pictures as well as the studio ones.

If you were ever worried about having a headshot photo session, here are some more images of Sue to prove just how much fun they really are!

Here’s what Sue says about her photoshoot:

Ally immediately put met at ease. I’m a marketing professional, but that doesn’t make me confident in front of the camera, in fact I hate having my photograph taken. I never expected to laugh as much as I did – it was genuinely good fun and the results were spot on.

In just 90 minutes, we photographed 4/5 outfits, had a blast and a few days later I was able to send Sue 40 images for her to use on her LinkedIn profile, website, press releases and other social media platforms.

So if you too are thinking you need a new headshot, and are feeling inspired by this blog – give me a call!

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