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Headshots – what not to wear

by Ally

Some of you may remember my most unflattering photograph last month, when I deliberately gave myself a double chin. You don’t? You can check out the blog here. But for now, it is February and therefore time for another headshot tutorial blog.

Recently, I teamed up with the fabulous Vicky Booker to work on a collection of blogs about headshots, and how to make sure you look your best in your professional portrait. We took some bad photos to illustrate what not to do, and then some pretty awesome photos to show you just how fabulous you can look with a bit of make up and the right clothing.

Vicky is a fabulous stylist. She can advise you on what colours suit you best, how to do your make up and what to wear. If you haven’t yet popped along to one of her workshops, you really should. I’m already booked on one in April and I can’t wait.

Would you like to come along? Click here to book on to one of Vicky’s workshops.

Meanwhile, this series of blogs is for you.

In today’s digital world, a professional headshot is essential … Your headshot is your business card, your brand and your first impression all rolled into one. Whether you are self-employed, employed, a blogger, a vlogger, a business owner – a good professional headshot is a must.

Today’s blog tutorial is aimed at the ladies. Don’t worry, gentlemen, we will have blogs for you too.

So here goes: What not to wear to your headshot photo session.

Vicky says:

I hate giving “rules” and telling people what they should and shouldn’t wear – BUT there are a few guidelines that if you choose to follow, will mean you’ve got one up on those who don’t give much thought to this important area.

  • Avoid wearing something that’s vastly different to what you would normally actually wear. Just because it’s a photoshoot, doesn’t mean you try and look like someone else. Interestingly, a lot of women fall into this trap on their wedding day …!
  • Be careful of wearing too much make up, or as above, different make up to what you’re used to. It can look a little overdone or false. When people meet you in real life you do want them to recognise you after all!
  • I love accessories and jewellery, but again the ‘less is more’ mantra can be useful to have in mind here. You want your profile picture to really show you; too much adornment can be a little distracting. Of course, if you business is selling chunky jewellery and scarves, then by all means add a little product placement!
  • Super low cut tops! You may want to show off your assets and good for you. But people will make a subconscious judgement when they first see your profile picture. So if you don’t want them to be distracted, keep cleavage to a subtle hint. And if you’re wearing a strapless top, it can look like you’ve got nothing on at all – especially if the photo gets cropped by the media you are using. Take a look at our lovely model above, and you’ll see what I mean.
  • Something in a colour that doesn’t suit you. In the photo below, Louise is wearing some lovely soft and light shades, but they don’t really do much to emphasise her amazing bright blue eyes and red hair. She’d look much more “alive” in stronger warm shades – perhaps a lovely emerald green or warm red. Colours can cast shadows on our face and highlight any imperfections, so wearing one of your best colours will always naturally give you a lift – perfect for your photos.

If you’re struggling to know what colours and styles will suit you and your personal brand best for your photoshoot (or in general!) then get in touch with Vicky to find out more. Vicky is currently running some style workshops at her studio. To find out more please visit Vicky’s Facebook page or her website.

And when you’re ready to book your headshot session, give me a call.

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