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Headshots – what to wear

by Ally

Some of you may remember my blog last month, written in collaboration with Vicky Booker, about headshots – and what not to wear to your headshot session.

If you enjoyed last month’s blog, you’ll enjoy this one even more – because it’s all about what you should wear to your headshot session, and how to look your best in your photographs. After all, your headshot image is often the first impression you make, and as we all know, first impressions really do matter.

So here, we go back to our lovely models, Louise and Inci, but this time they have been styled by Vicky and they are wearing different clothes – ones that you would expect to wear for a personal branding photoshoot.

Here’s what Vicky says:

The most important thing is to wear something that represents YOU and your personal brand – in other words, what you and your business stand for. If your business is in holistic therapy working with children, for example, a sharp black tailored suit and white shirt is not likely to give out the best signals to potential clients. Similarly, if you want to pitch your business in the corporate world, a casual hoodie isn’t likely to cut it! Obvious extremes perhaps, but the key is to go for the best version of your true self.

In terms of the actual outfit, I always talk to my clients about “The Power of 3”. These are the three key style elements that when you nail all three at once, will mean you are looking and feeling your absolute best – essential for your photoshoot.

Power 1 – Colour! The colours we wear can make a massive difference to our physical look (and our emotions and psychology – but that’s a whole other blog!). When we wear colours that are in harmony with our natural colouring – our hair, eye colour and skin tone – it makes us look healthy. Our eyes shine bright, our skin looks more even and fresh, and any natural shadows or lines appear minimised. Who wouldn’t want that?

In last month’s blog Louise was wearing soft shades, but notice how the blue top in the next photograph really emphasises her beautiful blue eyes.

Power 2 – Fit! your outfit should fit your well – sounds simple, right? But in reality, finding clothes that fit really well can be tricky. Off the shelf pieces aren’t made to specifically fit your body lines, scales, proportions, leg length, etc. In a profile shot – things like neckline are important as this is what you’ll see most of. Take into account your face shape and shoulder line when choosing your top.

Also in last month’s blog post, we saw Inci wearing a strapless top. Once the photo had been cropped, and you could no longer see the top made her look like she was wearing nothing at all. Just wearing a different top makes all the difference.

Power 3 – Your Personality! If anything, this one could be the most important. This is what makes two friends with the same colouring, shape and size, try on the same outfit and one looks amazing and one it just doesn’t work for. This fascinates me! It’s great we can reflect our personality through what we wear – in fact our clothes are part of how we communicate with people. And with your photoshoot outfit, this is going to communicate with your potential clients, so make sure it’s “you”!

If you’d like to find out more, Vicky is currently running some style workshops in her studio. You can book your space here.

And now that you know what to wear and what not to wear … well, it’s time to book your headshot session. Give me a call by clicking on the button below, or just send me a quick email.

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